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Why does soft water feel slippery?
 Soft water can leave the sensation that soaps haven’t rinsed off your skin.  This is because the hardness minerals have been removed from your water, and are no longer sticking to your skin, or plugging your pores.  You are now truly clean.  That slippery feeling is your natural body oils without soap residue.

Can I soften water without salt?

 There are magnetic and electronic devices as well as filter medias that can reduce scale buildup.  They are not considered water softeners as they do not remove the hardness minerals from water. They may help to reduce scale buildup in plumbing and appliances, but do not provide the benefits of softened water. 

Does the discharge form a softener hurt my septic field?

 Numerous studies have been performed since 1970 and all have confirmed that slat-brine discharge form water softeners do not have an adverse effect on the operation of a typical anaerobic or newer aerobic home septic system. Softener discharge actually improved soil percolation. The beneficial difference is that water softener effluents contain substantial amounts of calcium and magnesium which balance the effects of sodium.  Visit WQA.org for more information. 

Does Water Works have systems to remove iron?

 Yes. We provide more than one option for iron removal.  A water test will determine the type and amount of iron in your water. This will then help us to design the system that is right for your water chemistry.  Stop living with rust colored stains on sinks, showers, clothing, and fixtures. 

What causes the rotten egg smell in my water?

 If the odor is prominent on the cold water then chances are it is due to the presence of Hydrogen Sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide is produced by decaying organic matter and bacteria.  There are people that believe that this type of water cannot be treated.  As with iron removal Water Works has system to rid your water of rotten egg odors. If the rotten egg odor is predominately on the hot water side then it could be caused by a deteriorating anode rod. Please contact Water Works for information on solutions for hot only odors.

Should I be concerned about chlorine in my water?

 Chlorine is necessary to provide bacteria free water to your home. It can affect the taste of your drinking water as well irritate your eyes and skin.  Studies now show that when chlorinated water is heated it releases fumes that can be breathed into our lungs. Quite often we hear people comment on how good the water taste from their refrigerator, as most modern refrigerators have carbon filters to remove the chlorine and make the water taste good.  What they don’t realize is they could apply the same technology to all their water with a whole house system, at a very affordable price.


What is total home water protection?

 On well water is it can be a water softener with sediment filter, a UV light, and a reverse osmosis for drinking water. The water softener and UV light provide filtered, softened bacteria free water throughout the home and in the kitchen the reverse osmosis system eliminates nearly everything from your drinking water that isn’t water. On municipal and county water supplies it can be softening and chlorine removal entering the home and reverse osmosis in the kitchen.  Water Works can design a home water system that’s right for you. 

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