Trade in your Old Water Softener


You may already have a water filtration system in your home, but if you don’t have a Kinetico water filtration system from Water Works…
Maybe you purchased a water filtration system years ago. Maybe it came with your house.
However you got it, it might be time to upgrade it to a Kinetico to save money, reduce electricity costs, and improve your water.

« Fortunately, that old system might still be good for one more thing 

When you switch to a Kinetico System from Water Works, your old system will be removed and replaced by the Valley’s most experienced team of installers. And right now, Water Works is offering trade-in bonuses on selected older models – that old system could earn you a discount on your brand new Kinetico! And with rent-to-own options available, the savings can really pour on!
Don’t wait – let the Better Water Guys put your old system to the test, and show you what the latest, non-electric Kinetico system can do for the water in your home.

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