Private Label Bottled Water


Design and Create your own “private label” bottled water with Water Works. Put your company or organization’s name and logo on high-quality bottled water.

Prices as low as 42¢/bottle. Want more info?

Program Features

  • 16.9 oz. premium bottle with pressure sensitive label
  • Private label artwork either provided by you or custom designed
  • Customer will pay one time plate charge
  • Minimum label quantity-1500 labels
  • Label Pricing – Quoted per order. Price will depend on the number of labels ordered and the number of colors in the label design.
  • Label price is then added to the per bottle price for water
  • 1440 bottles per pallet.
  • Minimum Quantity- 1 pallet (60 cases with 24 bottles per case)

Bulk Orders
Save money on the per label price by ordering larger quantities. You can even elect to have the bottler keep your labels on hand for future orders.
America's Favorite Drink

Bottled water now ranks as the second largest commercial beverage category in the United States on a volume basis. It has surpassed beer, coffee, and milk to become one of America’s favorite drinks.